Ab Initio Unit: Atributos personales

These are the prescribed sub-topics for this unit:

  • Detalles personales: dirección, edad, nacionalidad, idioma(s)

  • Aspecto físico

  • Personalidad

  • Ropa

Besides all this, we will learn some important language foundations such as, numbers, basic pronunciation, the verb to be [in Spanish we have two], etc.


In the first section, you will learn personal information and important verbs like llamarse, tener or ser. Pay attention to the different conjugations and compare them with your own language. For example, in English you say I am ten years old and in Spanish you have years: Tengo diez años. When you compare Spanish with your own language you are aware of the similarities and differences. 

When learning about Aspecto físico and Personalidad, we will focus on simple structures using mainly four verbs: ser, estar, tener & llevar. Adjectives (or words that tell us a bit more about things, people or objects [The student is intelligent] are very important to describe and we will learn them through visuals and opposites [do you know what an antonym is?].

To wrap up the unit, we'll learn basic vocabulary related to clothes [Ropa]. Pay attention to colours and numbers when studying these words.

The presentation below is your main resource for the unit. In there you'll find everything you need and also you can access different resources on the column on the right  where you can find the resources grouped by skill. At the bottom you can find a Quizlet with some key vocabulary for this unit if you like to use technology to learn. 

Last but not least, always remember: Relájate y aprende (Relax & Learn)

It could be a great chance to start learning about the difference between Ser and Estar.

Something you might consider is learning body parts along with this unit, if you want to know more about it, please click here.

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